Preserved Locomotive
Enthusiast Group

The Website; P.L.E.G.

3rd June 2007 : Moreton Park Visit (Moreton-on-Lugg)
(in conjunction with the Branch Line Society)

19th May 2007 : Vale of Rheidol Charter

13th August 2006 : Fawley Hill
On safari in deepest Bucks...

2nd July 2006 : Wensleydale Western Waggoner

20th February 2006 : 08948 at Barrow Hill

6th August 2005 : Isle of Wight Steam Railway Shuntabout
Ian Dobson describes

15th November 2003 : Lakeside & Haverthwaite Diesel Gala
Paul Cunday describes

10th August 2003 : Spa Valley (including Diesel Gala)
Andrew Wilson & Stuart Chapman describe...

15th June 2003 : Mangapps Farm
A "Selby" review

25th May 2003 : The Rare Rods
P.L.E.G.'s first event in it's own name

23rd March 2003 : The C.V.R. Diesel Day
Another event courtesy of "Selby" & Friends.

23rd February 2003 : The East Sussex ED
A day of gronk & ED bashing on this short line.

4th August 2002 : The Grimsby Gronk
The annual DRS-fest!

21st April 2002 : The Great Western Gronk
Selby Promotions in action again.

30th September 2001 : The Gwili Gronk
not really a diesel gala, but...

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