Diesel Galas and Other Happenings


Goodbye, Oldham Loop
Chris Totty pays his respects to the Oldham Loop.

The 1993 Irish Rover
Chris Totty on the bash with his father.

The 1970 Great Scottish Bash
Chris Totty & friends on the bash.

Chris Totty's 1971 All Line Rover
Another Chris Totty report - this from 1971.

Eastern Region Bash - 1972
Chris Totty reports on his Eastern Region bash 18th - 27th August 1972.

30th July - 14th August 2004 : "South West Rover"
Selby on the bash.

12th July 2003 : "A Day Out On South West Trains"
Terry Jackson describes a days bash.

26th - 29th August 2000 : "East Coast Drags"
An East Midlands "Flexi-Rover".

5th - 11th August 2000 : "All Liner" Bashing...
Nigel Benning's all-line railrover.

16th - 22nd July 2000 : Thorntons Last Big UK Bash...
Life on an all-line railrover.

  6th June 1999 : Where have all the Deltics gone...?
Reflections on East Midlands Rover tickets over the years.

15th - 29th July 1983 : The Big 'Un
Two weeks around Scotland - day and night!!

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