Diesel Galas and Other Happenings

European Travels

20th November 2004 : North French Bash
Nick Farrant on a day out to France.

15th August 2002 : A Local Train For Local People....
Steve Perryman on holiday in Belgium.

24th February - 1st March 2002 : Europe without Euros....
My first trip bashing in Switzerland (no Euros here!)

29th March - 7th April 2001 : To The Land Of Ham & Cheese....
Railtours and railroving in Portugal....plus a day trip to Brussels to finish off the holiday!

5th - 10th November 2000 : A Bit Further East Than Before
My first bashing experiences in Eastern Europe.

24th April-1st May 1999 : A 7-day Portugese Railrover
The experiences of 3 "first timers" in Portugal.

3rd to 6th March 1998 : All Electric (well, nearly!)
A journey from Northampton to Munich and back....by train.

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